I feel like a massive idiot now...

1986 Z51 manual transmission, new white paint over new interior (seats, intrument cluster, carpet, etc.) borla cat-back, new brakes, clutch, AC, shocks, hubs, radiator, battery, alternator, starter. 15k fewer miles for $150 ($5,450) less than I paid for mine, and a Nevada car. Anyone else have buyer's remorse every… » 11/21/14 4:45pm Today 4:45pm

Clutch/Winter Projects Advice Needed

It's time to dump all of my money into the Corvette this winter to perform a slew of preventative maintenance. First of all, there's the issue of clutch and flywheel: I really would like a lightweight aluminum flywheel. I'm looking to get into autocross and track days sooner or later, so I feel that the want is… » 11/19/14 9:28pm Wednesday 9:28pm

Does anyone else think it's funny...

That Jaguar suddenly allows you the freedom of rowing-your-own in the V6 F-Type while forcing you to have AWD on the V8 and making everyone have electric steering? I'd like to see what that board room was like. The fact that the sweet spot of the range, the V6S, is more driver-friendly makes me happy because it is a… » 11/19/14 7:43pm Wednesday 7:43pm

I've been a bit inactive lately, but I'm still planning on putting another meetup together. The to-do list for the car has been piling up (and piling up) so I'll be spending the better part of winter freeing my monies on it, but I think a meetup is in order as soon as people will be willing to go! Also let me know if… » 11/19/14 6:37pm Wednesday 6:37pm

The Prophecy of Chris Harris

I think we all know that the typical exotic car driver is, well, generally dislikable. So when I'm driving down a very narrow and unlit 45-mph road this evening in almost complete darkness, going about 65, and faintly see the hardly-perceptible and over styled running lights (no, the lights were not on and the car… » 11/15/14 6:31pm 11/15/14 6:31pm

DD 959, because it powers all four wheels and has usable torque. Track CGT, because it is supposedly an incredibly engaging car and dat sound. Finally, burn the 918. The 959 was once an exercise in technology and is interesting now that time has past; but as a driver's car, I don't see it doing much for me. I feel… » 11/14/14 10:59pm 11/14/14 10:59pm

When you're glad there's trash in your car.

You're at a stoplight. You see something out of the corner of your eye. It's a large spider on the A-pillar. Grab two business cards, swipe spider out of the window and throw business cards in the heat of the moment, open door to pick up trash and not litter, watch light turn green, leave business cars on the road. I… » 11/11/14 5:12pm 11/11/14 5:12pm

No Corvette, FRS, 370Z, M3, M6, Miata...

First stop was the first BMW dealership, where there was an E93 M3 with a manual transmission but the C5Z, FRS, and 370Z sold. But there was a competition package E92 M3 at manual M6 Gran Coupe dealership so we passed. Then to the porsche dealership; there was a 996 turbo, but I didn't get to drive it and my dad… » 11/10/14 1:37pm 11/10/14 1:37pm

The Euro BMW I'd import is pretty new, and makes 175hp.

It's the 320si: a 175hp homologation special 3 series for the very successful and nearly identical WTCC race car (2,500 were made). Lightweight 2 liter 4 cylinder hand built in the F1 engine shop, weighs 800 pounds less than its 335i brethren. It has a completely revised suspension and all M-sport package features… » 11/09/14 8:27pm 11/09/14 8:27pm

Yeah, Toyota didn't pull its reputation out of nowhere! The V10 and XV10 (your wagon) are the two Camries sold here not specifically designed for the U.S. market, and I definitely prefer them. Also, cool that it was a manual wagon! » 11/09/14 7:26pm 11/09/14 7:26pm