In 2012, my sister bought a 2010 Civic: slushbox in light blue. God damn that car in all of its mediocrity. Especially when she could have had a beautiful 4AT N/A Supra with a roof that pops off (doesn't want a 90s sports car for some reason, even in automatic guise). My sister is a very old soul, making her just… » 4/21/14 8:35pm Monday 8:35pm

Being involved in the driving experience does dictate being a 'real car guy' to an extent. Because tapping tabs is so enthralling during the usual hoonage? Just because someone comments on a car having something he/she prefers, everyone has to jump on the person's back and call them an elitist or dinosaur. » 4/19/14 3:20pm Saturday 3:20pm

Idiot Rant: Quit Calling Your DCT a Manual. It's oxygeartronic.

"It has clutches!" "It is a manual that is automated!" "It doesn't shift gears for me, it shifts gears with me!" (Also see: "Your car is archaic!" "Do you use a typewriter?") All things I have seen looking at forums for years. If it's automated, it's auto-fucking-matic. And it's not auto-fucking-magic. It's matic. With a "t."… » 4/16/14 7:53pm 4/16/14 7:53pm