Possibly had the best labor day ever. (Not really but it was pretty…

Were any of you guys at the Clifton Labor Day car show? It was just insane, with a town full of awesome classics and other cars. I didn't register to be at the show, so I parked in the visitor parking that I was almost too low to get into (smell of burning grass under car) and parked next to possibly the least… » 9/01/14 1:53pm Yesterday 1:53pm

First time through a storm in the C4.

The windshield wipers caught on each other and almost broke the windshield a few times (when they stopped working there were visibility issues). Otherwise, torque+no traction control was not a problem and I just spent 30 minutes wiping down the car until it was bone dry. The heat from the engine helped a lot along… » 8/31/14 10:25pm Sunday 10:25pm

Not sure how to reply (opinions needed)

Actually, I'll apologize for the 9,000 people who saw it and promise to remove it. For the record, I didn't even find this picture from the original source. Should we simply stop posting pictures that aren't our own if we don't find the photog info? He has every right to the citation, I know, but look at the… » 8/31/14 12:23am Sunday 12:23am

A stranger just gave me $20 just to be nice.

No, I'm not joking. I was out for a drive in the C4 when I realize my gas meter is reading lower than a 30 year old gas meter safely should. So I pull over to a gas station and try my debit card, which was declined somehow. So I go in the convenience mart to see if it will work there, and after it doesn't pay the… » 8/30/14 3:27pm Saturday 3:27pm

2011 Z4 sDrive30i M Sport: The Oppositelock Review

The N52-powered E89 with the M Sport package and manual transmission is an interesting combination of new and old in a rather often overlooked roadster: the second generation of BMW's sports car. It has electric steering, an electric parking brake, a ridiculous name, and drive-by-wire. It's also RWD, has defeatable… » 8/30/14 11:05am Saturday 11:05am

I have a sticky gas pedal

It was less noticible before tonight, when I was out for a drive and I had to tap the throttle (thus revving the engine) to get the car to idle back down at its normal 700-850 RPM (the cam). I'll troubleshoot it this weekend. This, along with annoying city driving being the only kind I do, is not helping my fuel… » 8/25/14 10:15pm 8/25/14 10:15pm