The 4+3 has broken for the first time (help!)

My sister stopped by and we got in to go for a drive, and I was driving out of my neighborhood (she can't row her own!) when the Corvette suddenly refused to go into gear. Wouldn't shift into first, second, third, or fourth and ground when I tried to go reverse. I pushed it back into the garage and turned it off… » 7/19/14 9:32pm Saturday 9:32pm

Whenever I express positive feelings towards the N52 (judging by your username) or E32, people always bring up how they are worse than the alternatives, but they are both some of the most incredible things to come from BMW. Bandwagons are annoying. » 7/13/14 8:20pm 7/13/14 8:20pm

Thoughts on registering a car as an antique?

I picked up paperwork to register my car as an antique at the DMV on Friday, but the limitations are a bit imposing: if you break the parameters of an antique car (found +250 mi. from residence, used daily), you get fined a decent chunk of cash and have your car kept off the road for 5 years. That's nuts, but… » 7/13/14 12:22am 7/13/14 12:22am

It's a nickname many automotive magazines used for the later C3 vettes at the time which had become low-hanging fruit for jokes. I remember first seeing it in MT's review of the '84 Corvette. The name just seems to go quite well! » 7/11/14 1:54am 7/11/14 1:54am